$4.00 Gas Again?

How much is too much? Gas prices in some parts of the country have been on the rise for close to 2 consecutive weeks! It impacts us all even after we leave the pump. I’m sure you’ve seen the news report and experienced receipt shock at the grocery store and elsewhere.

Is it just us or have trips to the grocery store started to turn into debates with ourselves or family members about “really needing that” or not? A jar of mayonnaise in some cases can be $5 bucks! A pack of Oreos could be just as much!

As you can imagine the cost for our car haulers is astronomical. Many of the big tractor trailer trucks you see driving down the highway have two 140 gallon gas tanks. Do the math. If diesel fuel is $4 bucks a gallon, multiply that times 280 gallons. That’s $1,120.00 to fill up!

Many of these big rigs only get around 5 miles per gallon! These are the same vehicles that are hauling your carrots and your Twinkies and your Wonderbread as well as your VOLVO from Point A to Point B.

There are a lot of other factors that go into the cost of shipping items including a vehicle across the country. It gets even more challenging when you’re shipping something overseas. If you’ve even shipped a birthday present internationally via the post office then you know exactly what we mean. When you try to move a 3,000 lb vehicle, it gets even more complicated.

Gas costs just throw another variable into the mix. So whether you are going to the movies or the grocery store, going out to eat or school supply shopping or if you are contemplating moving a vehicle from one point to another, keep those fuel costs in mind!

Drive safe!