Alex Lopez makes Shipping Your Car Painless – Anxiety Free and Pocket Friendly

Generally, dealers have contented relationships with their transport companies, and that’s a good thing because long term partnerships are the foundation of successful businesses. However, sometimes those relationships can change and it may be time to explore different avenues.

The vehicle transport business is extremely competitive, and since there are only so many dealers, the goal in my business is to offer an elevated level of service.

In an industry where many people scheme and scam for dollars, I stick to my roots from my diverse background of different industry experience that has built my moral and ethical responsibility to the end consumer.

While I handle transporting vehicles for dealerships my focus is on the end consumer getting the vehicle the have been waiting for in the condition they expect it in.

As a dealership representative you can ensure when transporting vehicles, I will always have you covered in all respects. My network of dealerships and peer recommendations can testify to the security you are expecting during the shipping process.

My network spans across the entire country from Pennsylvania, to Florida to Illinois to California. I have every type of dealership covered from Mercedes Benz to BMW to Hyundai to Buick. The diversity and network I built shows that I do not deal with specific dealership types, I respect the integrity of every vehicle.

I want to get the vehicle of your choice in your hands without any problems and have done so successfully throughout my Auto Transportation career.

To connect with Alex Lopez and the Dealerships associated with Lopez please feel free to connect via LinkedIN or contacting Lopez’s direct line  at  866-657-0747 to ship your Dealership loads.