Motorcycle Shipping Costs

Shipping a motorcycle can be a daunting task, but it’s often necessary for those who need to transport their bike long distances. Whether you’re moving to a new city, buying a motorcycle online, or simply want to take your bike on a road trip, understanding the cost of shipping a motorcycle is an important step in the process. In this blog, we will explore the various factors that impact the cost of shipping a motorcycle and offer tips on how to find the best shipping options for your budget.

Price Varies

The cost of shipping a motorcycle can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including the size and weight of the bike, the distance it will be shipped, and the shipping method you choose. For example, shipping a small motorcycle across the country will likely cost less than shipping a large touring bike, and shipping a motorcycle by truck will typically be more expensive than shipping it by train. Additionally, the cost of shipping a motorcycle can be impacted by the time of year, with peak shipping season typically resulting in higher prices.

Making Shipping Arrangements

Many of us at ShipYourCarNow ride bikes and understand how enjoyable it is to have heavily customized machines. However, this can change its transportation requirements, so if you have customized your vehicle to make it longer, heavier, wider, or taller than the original specs, please let us know. Usually, the maximum size for motorcycle transportation is 118” long and 46” wide, but we can make arrangements for bikes that exceed those measurements.

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Shipping Method

One of the most important factors that impact the cost of shipping a motorcycle is the shipping method you choose. There are several options available, including open trailer, enclosed trailer, and crated shipping. Open trailer shipping is the most cost-effective option, as the motorcycle is simply loaded onto an open trailer and transported to its destination. Enclosed trailer shipping provides additional protection for the motorcycle, but is also more expensive. Crated shipping involves placing the motorcycle in a crate and shipping it, which can provide even more protection, but is also the most expensive option.

Multiple Quotes

When shopping for shipping options, it’s important to get quotes from multiple carriers to ensure you’re getting the best possible price. You can start by contacting motorcycle shipping companies directly, or by using an online shipping calculator. Many shipping calculators allow you to input the make, model, and year of your motorcycle, as well as your location and destination, to get an estimate of the cost of shipping. This can be a great starting point for comparing prices and determining what your budget will need to be.


In addition to the cost of shipping, it’s also important to consider the timeline for shipping your motorcycle. If you need to have your bike shipped quickly, you may need to pay extra for expedited shipping. On the other hand, if you have a bit more flexibility, you can save money by opting for standard shipping. Make sure to communicate your timeline to the shipping company and discuss any time-sensitive needs you have before making a decision

Determine if It's worth if for you

In conclusion, shipping a motorcycle can be a complex and expensive process, but with the right information and preparation, you can find the best shipping options for your budget and timeline. Consider the factors that impact the cost of shipping, such as the size and weight of the bike, the shipping method, and the time of year, and shop around for quotes from multiple carriers to ensure you’re getting the best possible price. With the right preparation, you can have your motorcycle shipped with ease and get back to riding in no time.

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