The state of South Carolina has the 4th largest state-maintained system of state highways in the United States. Approximately 41,500 miles of roadway make up the states interstates, U.S. Highways, state highways, and secondary roads. 850.80 of the 41,500 miles make up the state’s Interstate highway system. There are 11 Interstate highways in South Carolina, 5 primary and 6 auxiliary. The longest interstate is I-26 at 220.95 miles. I-26 stretches east-west from the North Carolina state line near Landrum to Charleston, SC. The only other primary east-west interstate is I-20, crossing the Savannah River and entering the state over the Georgia state line, and running 141.51 miles east into Florence, SC. The longest north-south Interstate highway in South Carolina is I-95 at 198.8 miles. I-95 begins at the Georgia state line near Hardeeville and crosses through the state before entering Rowland, NC. The two other primary interstates, I-85 and I-77, also run north-south. I-85 connects the Georgia state line to the North Carolina state line and I-77 connects Cayce, SC to the North Carolina state line. South Carolina also has 23 U.S. Highways within its state lines. The longest U.S. Highway in South Carolina is U.S. Route 76 at 297.9 miles. US 76 runs east-west, beginning in the west at the Georgia state line near Clayton, and running east into Mullins, and then entering North Carolina near Flair Bluff, NC. The shortest U.S. Highway is U.S. Route 276 at 34.2 miles. US 276 runs east-west beginning in Mauldin, then passes through Greenville, Travelers Rest, and Marietta before crossing the North Carolina state line.