Our most commonly asked questions. If you have any that aren’t addressed here please use our contact us page to reach out. One of our industry experts will be glad to assist you!

I ran our current month to date number and we are currently managing to 97% compliance, any order that does not meet the GPU is reduced to the level of performance it did meet.
We do not currently provide our carriers with a dry run fee, our system is setup in such a way this is occurrence is almost always avoided and when it does occur we are typically able to re-route our driver to another acceptable assignment at no fee.
Yes, the system API has a flag for that and will price accordingly, typically the fee is between $50 and $100 dependent upon the type of vehicle. Inoperable status presumes the vehicle has keys, rolls, brakes, and steers. If the inoperability of the unit exceeds those parameters it is quoted manually.
Ex:google maps Yes, we utilize google maps for all mileage calculations.
We utilize a significant variety of car haulers from 1 to 9 and everything in between, we do not “queue” vehicles up or hold them in a yard to build a load for a 9 car hauler, units are assigned to the appropriate hauler as quickly as possible. Car haulers between 3 and 7 units are very common.
We utilize our internal network as the primary source, when our internal network is unavailable we utilize several different platforms (5 at this point in time) to source new drivers including Central Dispatch. Regardless of the source the carrier is vetted, and we require that we are named insured on their policy prior to moving any units for our clients.
Yes, although we use a team to support your dedicated contacts you will have a dedicated quality resource and a dedicated carrier coordinator.
We have the ability to require that the driver take and submit images, this is an additional service that we can add to all moves, or just certain moves where you might require that additional step.
Yes, we provide access to a few different platforms via digital format.
We have the ability to provide any level of verification that you would like to (typically we just check an ID), we utilize special instructions for anything outside of standard and you would have the ability to pass those instructions to us via the API if you desire anything specific per order.
We actually utilize a GPS tracking tool today, it is not integrated to the dashboard that we reviewed during the demo yet, but I am able to provide links to the tracking. It is very important to note that GPS systems like this are extremely difficult to implement across all drivers. MOST of our clients ask that we attempt to do so, but opt for us to meet the Guaranteed Pick Up Date as the highest priority. Currently about 25% of all orders are tracked via GPS. If this were a requirement to track all units we can discuss options!