Moving to Salt Lake City

Moving to Salt Lake City, UT

Moving to Salt Lake City, UTis a great idea. After all, the city is filled to the brim with everything that will surely satisfy anyone, from arts and culture to sports and education, and jobs and healthcare. The quality of life in the city is high, and anyone who is living in Salt Lake, old or new, is welcome to enjoy it.

Salt Lake City is home to the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is more popularly known as the Mormons. Tours of Temple Square, which hosts the Mormon Tabernacle and the Salt Lake Temple, are available. On the sports side, SLC is host to the Utah Jazz, an NBA team that has made the likes of Jerry Sloan, John Stockton, and Karl Malone league All-Stars and Hall of Famers. When it comes to education, the University of Utah is one of the best research facilities in the country.

Being in SLC is just a few steps away from some of the best and most scenic outdoor areas, where ski resorts, cycling, and hiking trails abound. SLC was even a host of the Winter Olympics. But party people need not worry because entertainment options are also plentiful in the city, from dance clubs to concert venues.

For anyone interested in moving to Salt Lake City, the planning and preparation should start as early as a month before the actual moving day. Preparing for a big move can be quite a task, and making sure your belongings are organized is critical.

So, what things need to be finalized before moving to Salt Lake City, UT at least a month before?

Here is a detailed list:

  • All household items have to be itemized and categorized into things that should be thrown away, things to give to charity or leave with loved ones, things that can be sold, and things to bring.
  • After categorizing, as early as possible, things that have to be given to charities or relatives have to be done, so that there will be less clutter. The garage sale to sell re-sellable items has to be held as early as a month as well.
  • ¬†Packing then has to start, with getting the right number of boxes and deciding which items go together.
  • ¬†At least three moving companies should be called, so that a comparison of estimates and quotes can be done.
  • If the move is related to a job or company, the employee moving should check with the employer what the latter would cover in terms of moving expenses. They should be able to help.
  • Four weeks would also give the person moving to decide if he or she has items that would benefit from being insured.
  • In four weeks, the person moving should also try to use up all supplies that will only be extra baggage, like stored food and cleaning supplies. This could also be a good way to lessen spending on food before moving day.

Salt Lake City awaits; and the earlier the preparation for the move is, the smoother the process will be.