Personal Green Shipping?

As auto shipping standards fall in the USA, there are researchers reporting plans of action to make shipping vehicles more environmentally friendly. There are reports of slow changes in this type of market, but the researchers found an activity list that says otherwise.

With the marketing economy going down over time there are efforts by rival companies to maximize operating budgets by using car shipping to the best extent. Auto companies are saving on cost by shipping cars to dealers and directly to customers.

In addition there are efforts to use the latest in technology and eco friendly solutions to optimize the process with green shipping.

Monitoring with GPS

Global Positional Satellite technology has been around for a while. Now with GPS systems installed in vehicles and phones, companies are able to monitor the entire shipping process and make sure that nothing happens to any of these expensive vehicles.

Go Go Green

Fuel seems to be rising daily and with the additional concerns for global warming and cost efficiency, shippers are now using trucks and trailers that run on pure diesel biochemical fuel, and even some hybrid trucks and trailers. Companies like this can teach us all about using such equipment to benefit our wallets and our future generations.

Personal Green Shipping

Car shipping for consumers, who would like their cars shipped safer and greener, can also use these companies for personal service. Not only do these companies provide this service, but many have contracts with moving companies to help get you moved with many personal touches.

A lot of people have had to face moving out, and may offer advice on it, but their process may not be able to help you with your move because their process and way of moving out may be different from yours. With so many people who have moved and written or blogged about it, there are tons of different bits of moving advice you can end up with that could actually make the process harder.

You can find tips and suggestions online and hope that it works for you, or you can go to or call a shipping company and tell them that you want to move, and they will help and do it as green as possible.

No matter who you ultimately decide to use, make sure you do your homework. Ask your shipping coordinator about our free shipping guide e-book to help make your move stress free.