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Todd was fantastic to work with! The pricing included booking the port and picking up my car so I didn't have to take my car to the port which was very helpful! Also my car arrived at the predicted time so it made it easy for me to manage my rental car before my car arrived 🙂 Thank you Todd for the ease and peace of mind!
Zulu Dance Foundation
Zulu Dance Foundation
I manage the Fleet Dept for a dealership and have dealt with many different companies shipping vehicles throughout the country. Ship Your Car Now is definitely the most efficient and quickest company i have ever used. Thank you Jared and Eddie, These guys are on the ball!!!
Team Alex is AMAZING!! I've worked at the same dealership for 7 years and I won't call ANYONE else!! Thank you all for being so prompt when I need you. Time is everything in this biz and they are the pros to see!!
Jackie O
Jackie O
I contacted Jayson and team to have my Jeep shipped cross country from Florida to Washington State. He was extremely helpful and provided my with a very competitive quote free of hidden charges and fees to the driver, etc. He explained the entire process and patiently answered all of my questions from the time I booked through delivery (I was nervous being a first time shipper). The car arrived on time as promised and in perfect condition. Thank you ShipYourCarNow! You guys are awesome!
Philip Godoy
Philip Godoy

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Frequently Asked questions

Yes! We can ship anything internationally that we ship domestically! For more information, see our articles on How to Ship a Vehicle Internationally and How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car Overseas?
Typically for any transport we ask for 3-5 days to locate a driver. However, it is common to find a driver more quickly on popular routes.
Before your vehicle arrives at your delivery location you will already know the final price. Nobody will show up at your door with a price other than what we discuss with you prior to shipping your vehicle.
No you may not. When transporting my vehicle I understand that I as the shipper am responsible for any personal belongings in the car. I understand that Federal Law prohibits the inclusion of items in the vehicle; should I choose to include personal belongings in my vehicle, I understand that I may be subject to a fine/fee. Should I choose to include items in my vehicle, I understand that Ship Your Car Now, LLC is in no way responsible for any fines or fees, and that the insurance on my vehicle solely covers the vehicle and none of the items I may or may not choose to include.
We always recommend that you list your vehicle as far in advance as possible to provide us with enough time to locate a driver for your route. The more time you give better chance you’ll get a driver to pick up your vehicle on the day you want it picked up. The minimum amount of time we ask for is 2-3 days to locate a driver for any route, this is an industry standard lead time.
The only thing we can guarantee you in this business is that we will do our best to accommodate all customer requests and provide the best possible customer service. There can be no guarantees on exact pickup and dropoff times, this is why we ask for pickup and dropoff time windows. There are many variables such as weather, possible break downs, flat tires, traffic jams, accidents, etc, all of which are all out of our control and the driver’s control.
Yes. We always recommend to the customer that they are there for pickup and delivery of the vehicle, if that is not possible you may have a designated person there to handle the process for you. This person will be required to go around the vehicle with the driver and go through the inspection to make sure the vehicle was delivered in the condition it was picked up. In addition if the vehicle was sent with the remaining payment to be made upon delivery someone will need to be there to make payment to the driver unless other arrangements are made.
Of course! Before a driver can even contact us in regards to moving your vehicle they must have already provided us proof of insurance and their FMCSA MC ID number. We are also bonded with the FMCSA and our MC ICC# is 714617